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Diamant metallic thread is a smooth, single-strand, non-divisible thread, that adds instant shine to any needlecraft project. This soft, tangle-free floss will keep it’s twist as you stitch, allowing it to glide effortlessly through nearly any fabric - whether it’s cotton, linen, silk or satin - and making it perfect for both cross stitch and traditional embroidery. One strand is equivalent to two strands of DMC’s Stranded Cotton Embroidery Thread.

35 meter reel
For the color D140 89% viscose, 11% polyester
For the colors D225, D317, D5200, D321, D699, D310, 100% polyester
For colors D3821, D3852, D168, D415, D301, 72% viscose, 28% metallised polyester.

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