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Welcome to Hank, a Yarn Boutique!

Summer is in Full Swing, and we are celebrating at Hank the slower pace and coolness of indoors with lots of great projects to share!

Our Featured Patterns for JULY:

Come stop by and see some of our favorite patterns we have been working on.  We've even done some of the work for you and matched what we think is the best yarn for each design.


River Birch

It's texture all the way in these springtime pieces by Deborah Newton featuring Marla, Sami, or both together! Interesting stitches give the fabrics depth and dimension, while on-trend shapes are perfect for layering.  In the River Birch popover, a slip-stitch pattern combines with Marla’s tweedy colors and Sami’s soft solid. The result is a yarn-y game of hide-and-seek rather than a rigid geometrical form.



Ranunculus is a top-down round yoke pullover with lace and textured stitches. I have designed yoke pattern to look like wearing layers of necklace.

You can use lace, light fingering to worsted weight yarn. The degree of transparency depends on the weight of yarn. Knitting with thin yarn on big needle gives light, transparent and airy texture to this pullover. Using thicker yarn or holding two yarns together adds more weight, and more structured look.


Zorzal Shawl

This crescent shaped shawl is worked in a mix of garter stripes and short-row wedges to create a fun interplay of two contrasting colors. The tassels at the tips add an eye-catching element to highlight one of the colours.It’s a fun & addictive knit that creates a modern, easy-to-wear item for your daily wardrobe.We have many new beautiful colors in Malabrigo Sock Metamorphosis that would be great for this project!



Have a Different Pattern you want to make? Come on by and let us help you find the perfect yarn for your project! 


NEW in the Shop


Malabrigo Metamorphosis Sock

Malabrigo has hand-dyed their popular 100% superwash Merino wool fingering weight yarn in stunning, color changing gradients.

 Each gradient shifts from light to dark or dark to light (depending on whether you pull from center or outside) with a speckled dyeing technique to help the color blend seamlessly. This yarn is unique to other gradient yarns in that it produces a more dappled color shift. A fun yarn for shawls, hats, cowls, scarves & pullovers.





Hank's Summer Road Trip Projects


These are simple one skein projects you can take on the road to help pass the time while on vacation! Each week we feature something new and we have a collection of the patterns and yarns to help inspire you. We have some of our favorite yarns picked out to help make the planning easier!




Need some fun pattern inspiration? Check out our Page where we keep a running list of our new and favorite projects! We update this library monthly



We are here to help!

Tuesdays are a good "drop in" day, but help is always available. Remember that you can always drop in for help once you purchase materials from Hank.

If just looking for some community, our round table is open as well.


Brand New Crochet Help Sessions:

Every Month we feature New classes in Crochet and Knitting...













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